You are currently viewing Akeli Box Office Collection Day 3: Rollercoaster for Nushrratt Bharuccha’s Akelli on Day 3! Weekend Collections Stagger at Just Rs 86 Lakh!
Akeli Box Office Collection Day 3

Akeli Box Office Collection Day 3: Rollercoaster for Nushrratt Bharuccha’s Akelli on Day 3! Weekend Collections Stagger at Just Rs 86 Lakh!

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Akeli Box Office Collection Day 3: Once upon a cinematic time, the silver screen welcomed back the radiant Nushrratt Bharuccha, making a triumphant return with the spellbinding action-thriller, “Akelli.” The curtains lifted on August 25th, much to the anticipation of fans, but alas, the initial applause was rather muffled. Guided by the meticulous hand of Pranay Meshram, “Akelli” embarked on a courageous journey, determined to win the hearts of a vast audience. However, this journey was uphill, fraught with challenges arising from the movie’s intricate themes that struggled to resonate on a grand scale.

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Imagine entering the realm of “Akelli,” a realm of heart-racing suspense that sends shivers down your spine. With every unfolding scene, you find yourself on the precipice of your seat, completely entwined in the story’s twists and turns.

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Now, let’s peek at the box office journey of “Akelli” over its first three days. Despite the star power Nushrratt Bharuccha brings, the movie grapples to find a foothold. It earned a modest Rs 0.2 Crore on the opening day, a number that tiptoed to 0.29 Crore on the following day. Day three brought a more encouraging figure of 0.37 Crore. But when you add up these earnings, they sum to a relatively humble Rs 0.86 Crore. A clear signal that “Akelli” faces a daunting climb amidst the fierce competition of cinema’s giants.

Speaking of giants, picture a bustling market square filled with contenders like the formidable “OMG 2,” the thunderous “Gadar 2,” and the enchanting “Dream Girl 2.” In the midst of this bustling crowd stands “Akelli,” armed with determination, striving to find its voice and carve a lasting presence.

Now, the experts from Times Now step into the scene. They carefully dissect “Akelli,” praising its intricate exploration of terrorism and the resilience of the human spirit. The review spotlights the film’s technical brilliance, particularly its mastery of sound and visual effects. The performances, they say, are like a magnet that keeps the audience spellbound. Yet, as daylight follows night, they don’t shy away from addressing the movie’s pacing issues, which slightly mar its thematic impact.

Akeli Movie Review

And so, the final chapter unfolds. “Akelli” receives a decent rating of 2.5 stars from the review – a badge that represents both its strengths and the avenues it can still explore. As the curtains close, “Akelli” remains a tale of ambition, of grappling with challenges, and of a journey that’s only just begun.

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