You are currently viewing BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights: Elvish Yadav Makes History As 1st Wildcard To Win! Fukra Insaan Becomes The 1st Runner Up And Manisha Rani Becomes 2nd Runner Up!
BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights: Elvish Yadav Makes History As 1st Wildcard To Win! Fukra Insaan Becomes The 1st Runner Up And Manisha Rani Becomes 2nd Runner Up!

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BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights: Elvish Yadav Makes History As 1st Wildcard To Win! Fukra Insaan Becomes The 1st Runner Up And Manisha Rani Becomes 2nd Runner Up!

Bigg Boss OTT 2, hosted by Salman Khan, is gearing up for its much-anticipated finale on August 14. The spotlight of the evening is Elvish Yadav, who has made history by becoming the first wildcard contestant to claim victory in the reality show.

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Elvish Yadav’s triumph signifies a significant turning point in the season. As the finale streams on JioCinema from 9 pm, viewers will witness the culmination of weeks filled with drama, controversies, enduring friendships, and memorable moments.

The finalists in contention for the winner’s trophy include Elvish Yadav, Abhishek Malhan, Pooja Bhatt, Bebika Dhurve, and Manisha Rani. The outcome remains a mystery as fans eagerly await to discover who will emerge victorious and walk away with the prize money of Rs 25 lakh.

The LIVE coverage of the ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ finale has concluded as of August 14, 2023, at 23:46 IST. For continuous updates on the upcoming show, ‘Bigg Boss 17’, please stay tuned to our website.

Elvish Yadav Made History

In a significant milestone, Elvish Yadav has etched his name in history as the first-ever wildcard contestant to secure victory in Bigg Boss. Despite spending only four weeks within the house, Elvish Yadav’s remarkable journey sets him apart from the other finalists, who had been part of the competition since its inception

BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

During the Bigg Boss OTT 2 finale on August 14, 2023, at 23:15 IST, Salman Khan shared an interesting insight. He disclosed that both Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan were neck-and-neck in terms of votes, indicating a closely contested battle. Both finalists took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the public for their unwavering support.

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In another highlight at 23:12 IST, Elvish Yadav and Manisha Rani delivered captivating performances that lit up the stage. Given that Abhishek Malhan was unable to perform, the two contestants dedicated their energetic performance to him.

As the finale drew to a close on the same day at 23:10 IST, the top two finalists, Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav, symbolically turned off the house lights and exited the Bigg Boss house. This marked a poignant conclusion to their journey within the house.

On August 14, 2023, at 23:01 IST, Avinash Sachdev took the stage and delivered an electrifying performance alongside Falaq Naaz. Their dynamic chemistry was palpable, captivating the audience with their energetic act.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

During the same evening at 22:55 IST, after being eliminated, Manisha Rani showcased her usual cheerful demeanor. Maintaining her signature smile, she shared a heartwarming moment as she danced alongside her father on the Bigg Boss OTT 2 stage, swaying to the tunes of ‘Lollipop lagegu’.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

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At 22:48 IST, Salman Khan announced the commencement of a 15-minute window for voting. This opportunity allowed viewers to cast their votes and support their favorite contestant between Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan, vying for the title of winner.

In an ensuing development at 22:47 IST, Manisha Rani was declared the second runner-up of the season. Consequently, Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan secured their positions as the top two finalists, propelling the competition towards its climax.

On August 14, 2023, at 22:45 IST, Abhishek Malhan shared that his journey in Bigg Boss OTT 2 was highlighted by the pride he felt in making his mother proud and the memorable opportunity to meet Salman Khan.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

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BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

During the same time frame at 22:44 IST, Manisha Rani expressed that her journey had been entertaining, revealing that she had candidly spoken her mind and conveyed everything that was in her heart.

Elvish Yadav reflected on his journey in Bigg Boss OTT 2 at 22:43 IST, revealing that learning to control his anger had been a pivotal lesson. He also mentioned that he had grown to embrace vulnerability.

At 22:41 IST, Ayushmann Khurrana was entrusted with the responsibility of announcing the next elimination. He was tasked with revealing whether Manisha, Elvish, or Abhishek would be eliminated and whose journey would come to an end, thereby determining the final top two contestants.

In a lighthearted moment at 22:35 IST, Manisha Rani playfully referred to Ananya Panday as a ‘tamatar’ (tomato), and humorously likened Ayushmann Khurrana to a ‘hero’. Salman Khan added to the fun by jokingly questioning if he resembled an ‘orange’.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

On August 14, 2023, at 22:33 IST, Jiya Shankar openly expressed her fondness for Abhishek Malhan. During a conversation with Ananya Panday, Jiya was questioned if she ‘liked’ Abhishek and if her feelings for him were more than just casual. Jiya admitted that she does indeed like him. However, Abhishek humorously responded that Jiya wasn’t his ‘dream girl’.

During the same evening at 22:30 IST, the cast of ‘Dream Girl 2’, Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday, made an entrance onto the Bigg Boss OTT 2 stage. Their presence added excitement to the show’s atmosphere.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

At 22:27 IST, Salman Khan took a moment to promote ‘Dono’, the debut film of Sooraj Barjatya’s son. The movie will mark the acting debut of Rajveer (Sunny Deol’s son) and Paloma (Poonam Dhillon’s daughter), showcasing new talent in the industry.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

In a surprising twist, Salman Khan revealed at 22:25 IST that the voting lines would reopen, giving the audience the opportunity to cast their votes again. This decision allows viewers to support their favorite contestants and potentially influence the final outcome of the show.

During the Bigg Boss OTT 2 grand finale on August 14, 2023, the excitement reached its peak as Jimmy Shergill, Prasanna, and Elnaaz Norouzi, the cast of ‘Ranneeti: Balakot and Beyond’, introduced the powerful teaser of their upcoming patriotic web series. The teaser unveiled during the show added to the overall anticipation.

At 22:11 IST, Bebika Dhurve faced elimination as the second finalist to exit the competition. This narrowed down the top three contenders to Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav, and Abhishek Malhan.

At 22:10 IST, Salman Khan summoned the fathers of the final four contestants to reveal their fate. The fathers stood in front of a gift box, signifying that one among them would be eliminated.

Salman Khan showcased his musical side at 22:06 IST, singing along to the tune of ‘Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi’ while Krushna Abhishek entertained the audience.

Krushna Abhishek entered the scene at 21:56 IST, adopting the persona of Jackie Shroff, known as Jaggu Dada. His punchlines and comic timing provided a lively element to the show’s atmosphere.

At 21:49 IST, Abhishek Malhan made a re-entry into the house and joined the remaining three finalists.

A surprising turn of events unfolded at 21:46 IST, as Pooja Bhatt became the first person to be eliminated from the grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Despite her early exit, Pooja’s presence made a lasting impact on both fellow housemates and viewers.

Salman Khan took a moment to acknowledge Pooja’s journey at 21:44 IST, praising her for leaving a mark with her wisdom and presence. He highlighted that Pooja had managed to make a significant impact despite her limited follower count at the beginning of the season.

BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

In a humorous observation at 21:44 IST, Salman Khan playfully mentioned that the bathroom would miss Pooja Bhatt, jokingly attributing the cleanliness of the bathroom to her efforts. He even shared his own experiences of cleaning toilets during his boarding school days.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve delivered an energetic performance at 21:38 IST, setting the stage ablaze with a medley of songs including ‘Hawai Hawai’ and ‘Aga Baai’.

Pooja Bhatt expressed her affection for Bebika Dhurve at 21:36 IST, calling her ‘the best thing to have happened to her in a long time’. Salman Khan also praised their strong bond, commending their camaraderie.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

Salman Khan lightened the mood at 21:30 IST by joking that none of the finalists’ families had turned up for the finale, except for Mahesh Bhatt. He playfully shared that Alia Bhatt was waiting outside the set to hug her, and similarly, Shaheen Bhatt had similar feelings.

BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights
BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

A light-hearted interaction took place between Salman Khan and Manisha Rani at 21:27 IST after Manisha stumbled over one of his dialogues.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

As the finalists remembered Abhishek Malhan at 21:24 IST, they expressed how much they missed him and his presence.

Badshah exited the house at 21:24 IST, raising a toast to his time in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house.

Bigg Boss praised Pooja Bhatt at 21:23 IST, commending her for enhancing the show and approaching the competition with a willingness to challenge herself.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

The finalists were overcome with emotion upon hearing heartwarming messages from their friends and family at 21:19 IST, shedding tears as they absorbed their words.

At 21:14 IST, Mahesh Bhatt congratulated his daughter Pooja Bhatt with a special message, echoing Salman Khan’s sentiment of pride in her journey.

-BB OTT 2 Finale Highlights

Salman Khan clarified Abhishek Malhan’s status at 21:12 IST, revealing that he was unwell but would still participate in the finale, dispelling any doubts about his elimination.

Rapper and singer Badshah entered the show at 21:11 IST, dedicating a song to each contestant within the house.

Salman Khan shared a light-hearted moment at 21:10 IST, jesting that both he and Pooja Bhatt had a wealth of experience in making mistakes, leading to Pooja Bhatt saving the contestants from committing blunders.

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