You are currently viewing Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8: Amazing Bookings For 8th Day!
Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8

Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8: Amazing Bookings For 8th Day!

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Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8: Initial reports indicate that Dunki’s Day 8 advance booking has commenced on a strong note, especially in metropolitan areas such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. These significant cities, known for harboring a dedicated fanbase for Shah Rukh Khan, are observing robust ticket sales, underscoring sustained audience interest in the film.

Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8
-Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8

Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8

LanguageFormatGrossTickets SoldATPShows
All India11873379 [1.19 Cr]645969037
-Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8

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Experts in the industry attribute this success to a combination of factors:

Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8
-Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8
  1. Positive word-of-mouth: Early reviews and audience responses have predominantly praised the film’s humor, action sequences, and Shah Rukh Khan’s performance, translating into substantial ticket sales.
  2. Shah Rukh Khan’s enduring popularity: Following a four-year hiatus, Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the big screen was anticipated as a major event. His loyal fanbase has played a pivotal role in ensuring Dunki’s consistent box office performance.
  3. Holiday season appeal: Dunki’s light-hearted and family-friendly tone positions it as an ideal choice for moviegoers during the festive season, prompting families and friends to flock to theaters for a collective viewing experience.

While it remains premature to predict the film’s overall box office performance, the strong start in Dunki’s Day 8 advance bookings augurs well. This momentum suggests the film’s potential to attract audiences over the coming weeks.

Additional insights include

Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8
-Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8
  • Multiplexes reporting higher advance booking numbers compared to single screens, indicating a preference for premium viewing experiences.
  • Online ticket booking platforms experiencing a surge in bookings, reflecting the growing trend of online ticket purchases.
  • Regional language versions of Dunki performing well, particularly in South India.
StateGross [With Block Seats]Real OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Andhra Pradesh1.6 Lac [4.49 Lac]2%17650
Arunachal Pradesh7 K [33.98 K]0%3700
Assam1.54 Lac [6.17 Lac]1%19700
Bihar36.58 K [2.89 Lac]0%11700
Chhattisgarh3.54 Lac [8.94 Lac]4%249112
Goa11.31 K [14.37 K]0%4900
Gujarat8.79 Lac [13.45 Lac]2%1207171
Haryana63.55 K [3.43 Lac]1%14110
Himachal Pradesh4.37 K [1.18 Lac]0%6100
Jharkhand1.27 Lac [1.84 Lac]5%8403
Karnataka10.11 Lac [42.3 Lac]3%59555
Kerala4.05 Lac [5.59 Lac]5%21230
Madhya Pradesh7.54 Lac [22.19 Lac]5%484134
Maharashtra18.75 Lac [35.72 Lac]1%1419217
Meghalaya25.5 K [51.9 K]1%800
Nagaland300 [300 ]0%800
Odisha76.9 K [1.19 Lac]0%24600
Punjab3.59 Lac [9.18 Lac]1%55760
Rajasthan4.27 Lac [15.42 Lac]1%43002
Tamil Nadu3.99 Lac [6.49 Lac]10%15830
Telangana21.99 Lac [41.39 Lac]13%3202016
Tripura7.9 K [1.18 Lac]0%2400
Uttar Pradesh8.99 Lac [25.27 Lac]3%731180
Uttarakhand2.99 Lac [4.42 Lac]4%13456
West Bengal11.11 Lac [18.82 Lac]3%480103
Delhi13.21 Lac [23.99 Lac]2%81351
Jammu and Kashmir27.61 K [30.43 K]1%4000
-Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8

The Day 8 advance booking success for Dunki underscores Shah Rukh Khan’s enduring box office allure and the film’s ability to captivate audiences across diverse demographics. As the holiday season progresses, Dunki is poised to sustain its box office dominance, spreading festive cheer in theaters throughout India.

Note: This article is current as of December 27, 2023, 16:17 IST.”

[Dunki Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 8]

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