You are currently viewing Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18: Soon To Reach Impressive 500 Cr Milestone Hindi Net! Gadar 2 collection day 18 Sacnilk, Gadar 2 Day 18 Advance Booking Sacnilk
Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 48

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18: Soon To Reach Impressive 500 Cr Milestone Hindi Net! Gadar 2 collection day 18 Sacnilk, Gadar 2 Day 18 Advance Booking Sacnilk

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Gadar 2: 18 Days Box Office Collection Analysis

The much-anticipated sequel to the blockbuster film “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” titled “Gadar 2,” has taken the Indian box office by storm. With an engaging storyline, star-studded cast, and nostalgic connection to its predecessor, the film has managed to capture the attention of audiences across the nation. As we delve into Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18 journey, we witness the ebb and flow of its collections, reflecting both the fervor of its initial release and the subsequent trends that have shaped its box office trajectory.

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Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18/ Gadar 2 collection day 18 sacnilk

DayIndia Net Collection (in ₹ Crores)Change (+/-)
Day 140.1
Day 243.08+7.43%
Day 351.7+20.01%
Day 438.7-25.15%
Day 555.4+43.15%
Day 632.37-41.57%
Day 723.28-28.08%
Week 1 Total284.63
Day 820.5-11.94%
Day 931.07+51.56%
Day 1038.925.0%
Day 1113.50-65.30%
Day 1212.10-10.37%
Day 1310.00-17.36%
Day 14₹ 8.40 Cr-16.00%
Week 2₹ 134.47-52.76%
Day 157.1-15.48
Day 1613.7593.66
Day 1716.1017.09
Day 185cr (May earn)
Total461.05 Cr
-Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18 (India Net Collection) – Cr

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18 Worldwide Collection – Cr

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18 ( Overseas Collection ) – Cr

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18 (India Gross Collection) – Cr

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Week 1: An Explosive Start

The opening day of “Gadar 2” proved to be a roaring success, with the film raking in a staggering ₹40.1 crores. This impressive figure set the tone for the film’s journey at the box office. The momentum carried into the second day, with a 7.43% increase in collections, reaching ₹43.08 crores. The first weekend continued the upward trend, witnessing a significant surge of 20.01% on Sunday, accumulating ₹51.7 crores.

However, the true test of a film’s box office sustainability lies in its performance during the weekdays. “Gadar 2” faced a slight setback on its first Monday, experiencing a 25.15% drop in collections, totaling ₹38.7 crores. Nonetheless, the film quickly rebounded on Tuesday, registering a remarkable 43.15% increase and earning ₹55.4 crores.

As the week progressed, the film encountered the typical weekday decline. Wednesday and Thursday saw collections of ₹32.37 crores and ₹23.28 crores, respectively. The first week concluded with a cumulative total of ₹284.63 crores, solidifying “Gadar 2” as a box office powerhouse.

Week 2: Fluctuations and Challenges

Entering its second week, “Gadar 2” faced the usual drop in collections, with the second Friday yielding ₹20.5 crores, marking an 11.94% decline from the previous Friday. However, the film managed to regain some lost ground on the second Saturday, boasting a remarkable 51.56% growth in collections and earning ₹31.07 crores.

The film’s performance on Sunday continued the upward trajectory, garnering ₹38.9 crores, a 25.20% increase from the previous Sunday. However, the film’s journey hit a stumbling block on Monday, experiencing a sharp 65.30% decrease, accumulating ₹13.5 crores. This dip was further accentuated on Tuesday, with collections of ₹12.1 crores, reflecting a 10.37% decline.

The mid-week period saw a gradual decline, with Wednesday and Thursday collections reaching ₹10 crores and ₹8.4 crores, respectively. The second week concluded with total collections of ₹134.47 crores, marking a significant drop of 52.76% from the previous week.

Week 3: Resilience and Lasting Impact

As “Gadar 2” ventured into its third week, it displayed remarkable resilience. Despite the usual dip on its third Friday, with collections of ₹7.1 crores, the film managed to bounce back on its third Saturday, earning ₹13.75 crores, a notable 93.66% increase. This momentum carried into the third Sunday, with collections of ₹16.10 crores, reflecting a 17.09% growth.

The film’s performance on the third Monday remains a point of anticipation, with early indications suggesting a collection of ₹5 crores. This has the potential to contribute to the film’s overall journey as it approaches the end of its third week.

Conclusion: A Box Office Triumph

In its remarkable 18-day journey, “Gadar 2” has managed to accumulate a total of ₹461.05 crores, captivating audiences with its captivating storyline and stellar performances. The film’s box office trajectory demonstrates the interplay between factors such as initial excitement, weekday fluctuations, and audience reception, all of which contribute to the complex journey of a blockbuster film.

As “Gadar 2” continues its box office run, it remains a testament to the enduring appeal of the Indian film industry and the excitement generated by sequels to beloved classics. With its impressive collections and lasting impact, “Gadar 2” stands as a resounding box office triumph.

Gadar 2 Day 18 Hindi (2D) Occupancy in Theaters

TimingOccupancy Rate
Morning Shows8.71%
Afternoon Shows16.30%
Evening Shows20.91%
Night Shows0%
-Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18

Throughout its screening schedule, “Gadar 2” has exhibited varying levels of audience engagement across different time slots. The morning shows have garnered a modest 8.71% attendance, indicating a relatively steady but lower turnout during the early hours. As the day progresses, the film experiences a notable uptick in viewership, with afternoon shows commanding a substantial 16.30% audience share. The peak of its viewership arrives during the evening shows, with an impressive 20.91% turnout, reflecting the heightened interest among audiences during this time. However, the night shows have registered no attendance, indicating a preference for earlier viewing slots. This distribution of audience engagement across the day showcases the film’s ability to cater to diverse preferences, while also highlighting the prominence of evening screenings in contributing to its overall success.

Gadar 2 Day 18 Advance Booking Sacnilk

In a testament to its continued popularity, “Gadar 2” has witnessed strong demand for advance bookings on its 18th day of release. As of 4 PM, an impressive tally of over 30,000 tickets have already been sold, contributing significantly to an advance collection of approximately 1.20 Crores. This substantial sum signifies the fervent anticipation among audiences to experience the film even on its 18th day. With the day’s bookings expected to continue surging until midnight, industry experts predict that the final advance collection figures could reach an impressive range of 2.10 to 2.20 Crores. This resounding demand for advance bookings underscores the enduring appeal of “Gadar 2” and reaffirms its stronghold in the hearts of moviegoers.

Disclaimer: Please note that the box office figures presented in this report have been diligently compiled from multiple sources, reflecting the exhaustive research conducted by our committed team. It’s important to recognize that the provided numbers are approximations, and explicitly avoids asserting complete precision or authenticity regarding this information.

#Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18
-Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 18

About This Movie

The remarkable cinematic masterpiece, titled “Unstoppable Triumph,” has been conceived under the creative guidance of esteemed director Anil Sharma. This impressive creation has come to fruition through the collaborative efforts of Zee Studio and Anil Sharma Productions.

The outstanding ensemble of “Gadar 2” features acclaimed talents such as Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Simrat Kaur, Luv Sinha, and Manish Wadhwa. Each member has contributed their expertise to bring depth and authenticity to the pivotal roles within the film.

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