You are currently viewing Mission Raniganj Advance Booking Report: Mission Raniganj Is Expected A Huge Box Office Records on Day 1! Mission Raniganj Advance Booking Sacnilk
Mission Raniganj Box Office Collection Day 8

Mission Raniganj Advance Booking Report: Mission Raniganj Is Expected A Huge Box Office Records on Day 1! Mission Raniganj Advance Booking Sacnilk

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Mission Raniganj advance booking report: “Mission Raniganj” is an upcoming Hindi action thriller film helmed by director Sanjay Gupta and produced by Pooja Entertainment. The movie features Akshay Kumar in the lead role, sharing the screen with Parineeti Chopra. This film draws inspiration from the real-life events of the Raniganj coal mine disaster, which unfolded in 2010. Within the storyline, Akshay Kumar portrays the character of Jaswant Singh Gill, a mining engineer who played a pivotal role in orchestrating the rescue operation to save 65 miners who found themselves trapped underground.

Mission Raniganj advance booking report
-Mission Raniganj advance booking report

This blog post will provide an overview of the advance booking report for Mission Raniganj. The post will discuss the following:

  • The overall performance of the film’s advance booking
  • A regional breakdown of the film’s advance booking
  • An analysis of the film’s advance booking performance and what it means for the film’s box office prospects

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Mission Raniganj Advance Booking Report Day 1 Gross

LanguageFormatGrossTickets SoldATPShows
All India7801933 [78.02 Lac]311133728
-mission raniganj advance booking report

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In the realm of Hindi cinema, the highly anticipated film “Mission Raniganj” opened its account on the first day with impressive numbers. In the 2D format, the movie garnered a remarkable gross revenue of 7,801,933 INR while selling a total of 31,113 tickets, with an average ticket price (ATP) of 213 INR. The film’s grandeur was further exemplified by its extensive reach, with a total of 3,728 shows across the nation. Notably, the All India gross revenue mirrored this success, standing at 7,801,933 INR or 78.02 Lac. These numbers signify a strong start for the film, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting cinematic journey.

Mission Raniganj Advance Booking Sacnilk

RegionGross [With Block Seats]Real OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
National Capital Region (NCR)14.87 Lac [26.29 Lac]5%38131
Mumbai16.32 Lac [28.26 Lac]4%486612
Pune2.98 Lac [6.29 Lac]3%15100
Bengaluru1.65 Lac [2.64 Lac]2%6602
Hyderabad3.82 Lac [6.84 Lac]5%10806
Kolkata4.27 Lac [8.58 Lac]3%18750
Ahmedabad2.07 Lac [6.24 Lac]2%23700
Chennai18.5 K [62.71 K]8%1500
Surat1.31 Lac [2.41 Lac]3%8200
Jaipur1.47 Lac [3.83 Lac]4%7500
Chandigarh31.65 K [1.68 Lac]1%3600
Bhopal200 [17.96 K]0%3600
Lucknow76.47 K [3.31 Lac]1%8500
Madurai5.48 K [5.48 K]27%100
Coimbatore10.24 K [23.17 K]9%500
Vellore3.4 K [3.4 K]20%100
Kochi7.18 K [10.38 K]5%600
Trivandrum22.17 K [22.17 K]12%400
Vijayawada28.72 K [28.72 K]6%1000
Warangal800 [23.2 K]0%500
Vizag-Visakhapatnam9.38 K [9.38 K]6%500
Nizamabad19.8 K [33.8 K]7%401
Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)16 K [16 K]5%600
Amritsar1.61 K [64.54 K]0%1400
Anand24.81 K [24.81 K]3%1600
Aurangabad50.63 K [69.63 K]3%2000
Bhubaneswar53.03 K [85.84 K]2%2700
Dehradun21.06 K [50.36 K]3%1500
Durgapur1.27 Lac [1.46 Lac]20%1420
Gandhinagar95.4 K [98.88 K]8%3300
Guwahati35.12 K [1.33 Lac]1%3400
Gwalior14 K [14 K]3%1100
Indore1.58 Lac [2.58 Lac]4%5101
Jalandhar12.49 K [1.06 Lac]0%2100
Jamnagar48.8 K [85.84 K]6%1800
Jodhpur240 [39.43 K]0%1800
Kanpur38.25 K [58.23 K]1%3000
Karimnagar7.8 K [7.8 K]11%200
Kolhapur10.66 K [40.3 K]1%1800
Kota16.16 K [16.16 K]4%700
Ludhiana410 [23.97 K]0%900
Manipal20.16 K [30.56 K]4%1300
Nagpur50.6 K [76.02 K]1%5400
Nashik48.82 K [1.26 Lac]3%1300
Patiala2.07 K [19.93 K]0%900
Patna91.95 K [1.41 Lac]10%3102
Raipur14.24 K [1.26 Lac]0%3400
Rajkot13.45 K [27.21 K]0%2500
Ranchi38.21 K [77.55 K]2%1700
Sangli6.48 K [6.48 K]1%1100
Shivamogga10 K [10 K]4%500
Siliguri30.36 K [86.29 K]4%1600
Thrissur890 [5.45 K]0%200
Tumakuru (Tumkur)23.42 K [23.42 K]5%800
Vadodara73.14 K [1.82 Lac]1%9310
-mission raniganj advance booking report

About This Movie

The film “Mission Raniganj” is under the direction of Tinu Suresh Desai and has been produced by Pooja Entertainment. Its stellar cast includes Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra, Ravi Kishan, Kumud Mishra, and Pawan Malhotra in pivotal roles. Stay updated with us for the latest news on Bollywood Box Office Collection.

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