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OMG 2 Box Office Collection Day 17 Breaks Records, Surpasses Predecessor’s Global Earnings!

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OMG 2 box office collection day 17: The sequel to the highly anticipated film, “OMG 2,” starring the dynamic duo of Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, hit the silver screens on August 11th, marking its triumphant return to the theaters. The box office journey of “OMG 2” has been nothing short of remarkable as it completed an impressive two weeks run, with its third Saturday witnessing a notable achievement with approximately Rs 3.50 crores in earnings, as reported by the renowned industry tracker, OMG 2 box office collection day 17 Sacnilk.

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OMG 2 box office collection day 17

From its inception, “OMG 2” garnered attention with a decent opening collection of Rs 10.26 crores. However, it didn’t stop there; the film’s collections displayed a substantial surge, amassing Rs 15.30 crores and Rs 17.55 crores on the second and third day, respectively. This momentum continued to build, propelling the film’s total collection to an impressive Rs 131.37 crores.

Impressively, even amidst stiff competition from notable releases like Sunny Deol’s “Gadar 2,” Rajinikanth’s powerful performance in “Jailer,” and the charm of Ayushmann Khurrana’s “Dream Girl 2,” “OMG 2” managed to stand its ground, captivating audiences and ringing the cash counters ceaselessly. The credit for this resounding success goes to the brilliance of the film itself and the deft direction of Amit Rai. Adding to the star-studded lineup, Yami Gautam also played a pivotal role in the film, further enriching the viewing experience.

A significant feat to celebrate is that “OMG 2” has exceeded the worldwide collection of its predecessor, “Oh My God,” which had previously amassed Rs 123.97 crores globally. Reflecting on this monumental achievement, Yami Gautam, in a statement, expressed her elation, “Witnessing the immense love your work receives and being showered with praises is an unparalleled sensation! The overwhelming support ‘OMG 2’ has garnered from the audience at the box office fills me with deep gratitude.”

Elaborating on her feelings, Yami said, “This film marks my first theatrical release after the pandemic-induced hiatus, and I’m thrilled to witness it crossing the 120 crore milestone, along with its successful two-week run. With immense appreciation, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the audience for embracing the message that ‘OMG 2’ aimed to convey, thereby elevating it to unprecedented heights.”

In conclusion, “OMG 2” has proven to be a cinematic gem that not only captivated the hearts of its audience but also triumphed over the challenges posed by a competitive cinematic landscape. With an impressive OMG 2 box office collection day 17 that attests to its widespread appeal, the film stands tall as a testament to the power of compelling storytelling and exceptional performances. As “OMG 2” continues to shine brightly on the big screen, it reinforces the resilience and magic of the film industry.

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