You are currently viewing Akshay Kumar’s Spiritual Transformation: How He Found Oneness with Lord Krishna Through a Vegetarian Diet!

Akshay Kumar’s Spiritual Transformation: How He Found Oneness with Lord Krishna Through a Vegetarian Diet!

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Did You Know? OMG 2 Star Akshay Kumar gave up eating non veg for the movie OMG

Akshay Kumar, the talented Bollywood actor known for his diverse film choices and outstanding performances, goes to great lengths to truly embody the characters he portrays on screen. One remarkable instance of his dedication involves his portrayal of Lord Krishna in the movie ‘OMG! OH My God’.

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In a display of deep respect for his mother’s beliefs and his commitment to his craft, Akshay reportedly made a significant lifestyle change during the filming of ‘OMG! OH My God’. It is said that his mother, who follows the principles of Lord Krishna, requested him to adhere to a vegetarian diet, as it aligns with the teachings of Lord Krishna.

Despite his mother generally staying away from his Bollywood affairs, Akshay shared his role and the film’s concept with her. Understanding the significance of the character he was about to play, his mother lovingly requested him to embrace a vegetarian diet, which Akshay wholeheartedly accepted. Such is the bond between a devoted son and his caring mother.

According to reports, Akshay’s mother asked him to maintain this vegetarian lifestyle until the completion of the film’s shooting. True to his commitment, Akshay took his mother’s suggestion to heart and embraced the vegetarian way of life with utmost dedication. This decision not only demonstrated his respect for his mother’s beliefs but also highlighted his willingness to immerse himself in his character, both mentally and physically.

About OMG 2

Now, as we eagerly await the sequel to the satirical comedy, ‘OMG 2’, we can expect Akshay Kumar to once again captivate us with his transformative performance. This time, he will be seen portraying the role of Lord Shiva, further expanding his portrayal of iconic mythological characters. The film’s teaser has already ignited a wave of excitement among his fans, and the clash at the box office with ‘Gadar 2’ only adds to the anticipation.

OMG 2 Release Date

Set to grace the silver screen on August 11, 2023, ‘OMG 2’ promises to be a cinematic delight, with Akshay Kumar’s dedication and artistry shining through. As we witness his remarkable journey as an actor, we can’t help but admire his willingness to embrace different lifestyles for the sake of his craft, ultimately delivering exceptional performances that leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

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