You are currently viewing RDX box office collection day 3: action-packed thriller collects a whopping Rs 13.80 crores, RDX box office collection sacnilk
RDX Box Office Collection Day 24

RDX box office collection day 3: action-packed thriller collects a whopping Rs 13.80 crores, RDX box office collection sacnilk

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RDX box office collection day 3: Shane Nigam’s most recent creation, ‘RDX,’ has set the box office on fire with its explosive performance, amassing an impressive sum of Rs 13.80 crores in a mere three days after its premiere. The adrenaline-fueled movie, directed by debutant Nahas Hidayath, has enraptured audiences with its gripping sequences and dynamic plotline.

RDX box office collection day 3, rdx box office collection sacnilk

According to insiders, the film’s domestic box office earnings for its opening weekend stand strong at ₹7.70 crores, while its international revenues are equally noteworthy, tallying up to $741K (roughly ₹6.10 crores). This combined total underscores the unequivocal triumph of the film, firmly establishing it as a dominant presence in the box office arena.


Nahas Hidayath, despite his newcomer status, has masterfully crafted ‘RDX’ into a heart-pounding action spectacle, seamlessly uniting the talents of Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam, and Neeraj Madhav in the lead roles. The movie’s riveting storyline revolves around intense action sequences and pulse-pounding moments, solidifying its reputation as a haven for aficionados of action-packed cinema.

As the film continues to enthrall audiences, it emerges as a formidable contender for the crown of this year’s Onam season. With a narrative centered around danger, family bonds, and camaraderie, ‘RDX’ has deeply resonated with viewers on an emotional level. The central theme, where Dony’s family faces peril and others rally to his aid, has struck a chord, eliciting a range of emotions from suspense to excitement.

A notable driving force behind the film’s allure lies in Neeraj Madhav’s exceptional Nunchaku combat scenes, celebrated as a standout element alongside the meticulously choreographed action sequences orchestrated by Anbariv. This fusion of talent has propelled ‘RDX’ to the forefront of cinematic discussions, earning accolades for its visual grandeur and captivating narrative.

Unquestionably, ‘RDX’ has established itself as the standard-bearer of high-energy entertainment, cementing its status as a runaway success in the realm of action films. As it continues to dominate the box office, both fans and critics eagerly anticipate the unfolding of its next chapter, foreseeing more milestones and a lasting impact on the cinematic landscape.

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RDX box office collection day 3
-RDX box office collection day 3
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