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Salaar Box Office Collection Day 24

Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10: Amazing Advance Booking For day 10!

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Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10: It’s been ten days since Prabhas unleashed his fiery fury on the big screen, and Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire continues to blaze a trail through the box office charts! While some movies fade into the flickering flames of memory after their opening weekend, Salaar is proving it’s built to last. Advance bookings for Day 10 are scorching hot, defying the typical post-first-week drop and keeping moviegoers hungry for more action-packed adrenaline.

Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10
-Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10

Let’s break down the numbers: reports suggest Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10 are expected to sizzle around 10 crores, a figure that would make most second-week films blush. But Salaar isn’t your average movie. It’s a masterclass in high-octane action, wrapped in a story that twists and turns like a cobra on a caffeine rush. And who can resist Prabhas’ smoldering charisma, even when he’s throwing elbows and exploding helicopters?

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Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10

LanguageFormatGrossTickets SoldATPShows
TeluguIMAX 2D22545059541715
HindiIMAX 2D703933157943241
All India43446401 [4.34 Cr]21495611728
-Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10

Here’s what’s fueling the Day 10 fire

Word-of-mouth wildfire: early audiences are raving about the film’s breathtaking action sequences, stunning visuals, and Prabhas’ captivating performance. This kind of buzz travels fast, turning moviegoers into Salaar apostles, spreading the gospel of action and epic storytelling.

Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10
-Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10

Second Sunday surge: with the festive season in full swing, families are flocking to theaters, and Salaar’s mix of thrills and entertainment is proving the perfect holiday treat. Expect packed houses and overflowing popcorn buckets come Sunday afternoon. Also Read: Salaar Box Office Collection Day 10: Amazing Collections at the Box Office!

International inferno: Salaar’s fiery grip isn’t just scorching India. Overseas markets like the US, UK, and Australia are catching the heat, with advance bookings for Day 10 showing strong numbers. Seems like Prabhas’ brand of action transcends borders and languages.

StateGross [With Block Seats]Real OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Andhra Pradesh60.05 Lac [1.44 Cr]7%11992363
Arunachal Pradesh9.6 K [20.34 K]0%3000
Assam4.48 Lac [7.83 Lac]5%17154
Bihar6.38 Lac [10.13 Lac]11%162910
Chhattisgarh5.64 Lac [11.42 Lac]5%27594
Goa40.79 K [45.94 K]2%3900
Gujarat28.44 Lac [46.41 Lac]4%13741339
Haryana4.06 Lac [7.19 Lac]5%18105
Himachal Pradesh11.42 K [78.92 K]0%4700
Jharkhand4.39 Lac [5.13 Lac]8%10418
Karnataka37.47 Lac [89.43 Lac]5%8372441
Kerala6.27 Lac [20.48 Lac]2%71870
Madhya Pradesh11.7 Lac [22.02 Lac]6%4831313
Maharashtra53.04 Lac [71.81 Lac]6%12983764
Meghalaya52 K [66.2 K]11%710
Nagaland1.47 K [5.47 K]0%500
Odisha8.06 Lac [10.44 Lac]6%30556
Punjab10.92 Lac [13.99 Lac]5%461815
Rajasthan11.51 Lac [24.95 Lac]5%342520
Tamil Nadu29.77 Lac [69.67 Lac]5%9391433
Telangana84.66 Lac [1.64 Cr]10%8693668
Tripura88.95 K [1.38 Lac]15%1630
Uttar Pradesh19.72 Lac [37.21 Lac]6%6551716
Uttarakhand3.66 Lac [5.36 Lac]6%131213
West Bengal13.4 Lac [21.37 Lac]9%3031418
Delhi49.51 Lac [62.24 Lac]11%6542762
Jammu and Kashmir1.24 Lac [1.72 Lac]10%2201
-Salaar Advance Booking Sacnilk Day 10

But Salaar isn’t just about box office numbers. It’s ignited a social media firestorm, with fans dissecting every scene, creating hilarious memes, and debating the film’s complex themes. It’s become a cultural phenomenon, a shared experience that’s bringing people together in the darkened theaters and bustling online communities.

So, whether you’re a Prabhas fanatic, an action aficionado, or simply someone seeking a cinematic escape from the ordinary, Salaar is calling your name. Head to your nearest theater, grab your popcorn (and maybe a fire extinguisher, just in case), and witness the fiery magic of Salaar firsthand. It’s an experience that will leave you breathless, exhilarated, and maybe even a little bit singed in the best way possible.

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