You are currently viewing Chandrayaan 3 Landing Live Updates: ISRO’s Lander Module Successfully Touches Down on Lunar Surface
Chandrayaan 3 Landing

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Live Updates: ISRO’s Lander Module Successfully Touches Down on Lunar Surface

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In an impressive feat of space exploration, the Lander Module (LM) of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Chandrayaan 3 mission has achieved a resounding success. Launched on July 14, the (Chandrayaan 3 Landing) LM gracefully landed on the moon’s surface on August 23, marking a significant milestone in India’s lunar exploration endeavors.

Chandrayaan 3 Landing

The LM accomplished this remarkable achievement by meticulously adhering to its intended trajectory, as affirmed by the space organization. Earlier on August 18, ISRO executed the first deboosting operation, effectively altering the LM’s orbit to 113 km x 157 km. This pivotal maneuver followed the separation of the lander module from the propulsion module after a month-long journey towards the Moon. On August 20, a second and final deboost maneuver was conducted, ensuring that the Lander Module’s orbit was optimized to 25 km x 134 km.

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With the Lander Module securely carrying the Rover within its confines, it is now situated in a 25 km x 134 km orbit around the Moon. The highly anticipated moment of truth for the mission arrived on August 23 at approximately 6.04 p.m. IST, as the LM embarked on its powered descent toward the lunar surface. The commencement of the powered descent was expected around 5.45 p.m., encapsulating a series of meticulous calculations and controlled maneuvers to ensure a safe landing.

As the Chandrayaan 3 landing mission prepared for its pivotal soft landing, the Indian Space Research Organisation assured the public that the mission was right on schedule. In an upbeat social media post, ISRO declared, “The mission is on schedule. Systems are undergoing regular checks. Smooth sailing is continuing. The Mission Operations Complex (MOX) is buzzed with energy & excitement!”

This triumph stands as a testament to ISRO’s unwavering commitment to scientific progress and space exploration. The successful landing of the Lander Module reaffirms India’s capability to undertake complex missions with precision and innovation. As the nation’s space agency continues to push boundaries and explore the cosmos, this achievement marks yet another step forward in India’s remarkable journey in space exploration.

Chandrayaan 3 Landing

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