You are currently viewing Thar ev launch date in india: New Thar.e Features & Design.
Thar ev launch date in india

Thar ev launch date in india: New Thar.e Features & Design.

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Thar ev launch date in india, Thar.e Features, Thar.e Design

Mahindra is in the midst of a significant transformation, which includes a fresh design approach. This shift is evident in their forthcoming electric vehicle lines, like the BE and XUV.e ranges. Now, this design evolution extends to the Thar, taking a completely new direction. The Thar.e concept deviates from the previous CJ-related design elements, exhibiting a distinct departure from its internal combustion engine predecessors. Notably, it is an all-electric model, eliminating the traditional ladder-frame chassis. Additionally, Mahindra has opted for a five-door layout this time.

Thar.e Features

Interior and Exterior

In terms of exterior and interior design, the Thar.e concept showcases raised Baja-style suspension, hinting at substantial ground clearance and wheel travel. Its upright form, boxy proportions, and rugged squared-off fenders give it a commanding off-road presence. The body panels incorporate ‘flat’ surfaces, some with corrugations and visible door hinges.

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Mahindra Thar.e Cabin

The updated front of the Thar features segmented square headlights embedded in a rectangular ‘grille.’ This grille is adorned with three LED ‘slats’ on one side, while a robust front bumper adds to the overall aesthetic. These design cues draw inspiration from iconic models like the Land Rover and early Land Cruisers.

The rear of the concept is darkened to create a visually compact appearance. This vantage point highlights the wider track, with the wheels positioned outside the main body lines.

New platform

Moving inside, the Thar.e concept boasts a flat dashboard with grab handles at either end. A flat three-spoke steering wheel, central touchscreen, and prominent central tunnel contribute to the minimalist yet rugged interior. Unlike its INGLO stablemates, the Thar does not adopt an extensive touchscreen layout, but it does incorporate a fighter aircraft-like live ‘status’ display on the instrument panel.

As for its platform, battery, and range, the Thar EV departs from the ladder-frame chassis of its predecessor. Instead, it adopts a modified version of Mahindra’s new INGLO EV platform, named the P1. This platform follows a skateboard architecture, featuring a flat battery positioned between the wheels.

thar ev launch date in india
-Thar ev launch date in india

The P1 platform offers modularity in terms of length, wheelbase, and height. The Thar.e will be built on the P1 platform, with a wheelbase spanning from 2,775mm to 2,975mm. This extended length is achieved between the firewall and the front wheel hub, as depicted in Mahindra’s released diagram.

Initially, Mahindra plans to source batteries and motors for its INGLO platform from BYD, particularly for early models like the XUV.e8. However, for the Thar.e, the use of more potent motors from Volkswagen is likely. These motors currently generate 80kW and 210kW for the front and rear axles, respectively, although these figures might change. Delivering torque of 135Nm and 535Nm for the front and rear axles, starting from idle speed, might obviate the need for a low-range transfer case. (Thar ev launch date in india)

The battery employed will likely align with other INGLO SUVs, with the 60kWh option being the primary choice. Mahindra indicates that the larger 80kWh battery could yield a driving range of approximately 435km to 450km under the WLTP cycle, implying around 325km for the smaller battery variant.

Thar ev launch date in India

Given Mahindra’s busy launch schedule until October 2026 – when the BE.07 is anticipated – the production version of the Thar.e is not likely to arrive in showrooms anytime soon. Moreover, the price is expected to be substantial, starting at approximately Rs 18 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. For now, Thar ev launch date in india is unknown.

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