Dunki Box Office Collection day 7: Dunki Roars at box office!


Dunki, the Shah Rukh Khan starrer, maintains a stellar performance, racing towards the 150 crore milestone, securing its success in just 6 days.

Source: BollywoodBuzzFeed

Despite the routine dip post-Christmas, Rajkumar Hirani's directorial prowess continues to captivate audiences, ensuring Dunki's steady hold at the ticket windows

Source: BollywoodBuzzFeed

With a minimal budget of 120 crores, Dunki emerges as a profitable venture, set to be declared a box office hit, showcasing the efficiency of cost-effective filmmaking.

Dunki's advance booking on day 7 sees a slight dip of 4%, adding 2.50 crores to its collection. The film's impressive hold reflects the audience's enduring interest.

Released amidst competition from Salaar, Dunki faces the storm but stands strong. Shah Rukh Khan's film survives the clash, proving its mettle at the box office.

Despite mixed reviews initially, Dunki conquers the global box office with earnings reaching 256.40 crores, showcasing its widespread appeal and success.

Dunki may have opened to mixed reviews, but as time progresses, audiences embrace the film, highlighting its enduring charm and cinematic resilience.

With no imminent competition, Dunki enjoys a free run at the box office. The next big release, Fighter, arrives on January 25, 2024, giving Dunki a clear path to shine.

Dunki solidifies Shah Rukh Khan's position as the Box Office Baadshah, reaffirming his ability to draw audiences and deliver successful films.

Dunki's triumphant journey shows no signs of slowing down, with the audience eagerly awaiting its continued success as it emerges as a blockbuster hit.