From Bollywood Star to Startup Entrepreneur: Parineeti Chopra's Investment in Clensta!

Bollywood's beloved Katrina Kaif celebrated her milestone 40th birthday in a grand and exciting affair on July 16.

Clensta is revolutionizing the health and personal care industry with affordable and innovative sustainable products that integrate nature with technology.

Parineeti Chopra's investment in Clensta was driven by her endorsement of the brand's environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable attributes. 

The brand offers a range of products in categories like wellness, hair-care, skin-care, eye-care, lip-care, and body-care, combining cutting-edge science with eco-friendly formulations.

M5 Entertainment, an all-women led agency, played a key role in bringing together Parineeti Chopra and Clensta for this partnership.

Clensta has already raised over $14 million in funding from investors like IAN and IAN Fund, IPV, VCats, and Hem Securities.

With celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, MS Dhoni, Kiara Advani, and more, M5 Entertainment has established a strong presence in the industry.

Clensta's founders, Puneet Gupta, Sonya V. Kapoor, and Amrita Mendonza, are thrilled to welcome Parineeti Chopra as an investor and partner, marking a significant milestone for the brand.